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Advertise On Facebook

More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and more than 900 million visit every day. When you run a Facebook Ad, you choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests and more.

With Facebook Ads, you choose the type of people you want to reach and we deliver your ads to them. This makes your ads more relevant for the people who see them and brings you real results.

Advertising on Facebook is easy for you and your customers. From a Facebook Ad, people can get directions to your store, download your app, view your videos, add an item to a shopping cart or take another action on your website.

You can set a campaign budget as low a $5.

The best way to go about this is to create an engaging and professional appearing Facebook Page. Post for each of the products that you offer, and link to that product at your store for more information. Keep these posts short, as you are only wanting to convince people to click for more information at your store. Use images to catch the eye.

Get as many people as you can get to like this page. Do this with putting links to the page on your web site and store and ask your family and friends on Facebook to Like the page and share the posts. Then create a bright and flashy ad that will catch the wandering eye, and encourage people on Facebook to click the ad to checkout (and hopefully like) the page. From there you're wanting the future posts on the page to show up on the News Feeds of those who liked the page, and encourage them to visit the site for more information and to buy the product.

With these ads, you can target the demographics of the prospects who might visit and Like your page. You don't want too old, or too young - they generally are not involved in domain and hosting purchase. I feel like the age group of 25-55 might be best to target. Keep your page fresh and active so that you become familiar to those who liked the page, and thus see the posts.

A day will come when they'll want a Quick Shopping Cart to sell online, or Fax By Email to replace that old fax machine monopolizing a phone line, or want a web site for their Business/Club/Team. Once you have them as a customer, you can expect to keep for years to come. The retention rate of Domain and Hosting customers is very high.