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Facebook Promotion
Promotion = Free Advertising

Once you have your store and website set up, promote your Reseller business any way you can. Don't be shy about it.

A great way to promote your Reseller Business is through a free page on Facebook. Take your time and make it look and feel like your store and website with a similar banner graphic.

  • Make use of the store link on the Facebook page to link to your website.
  • Post context to the page regularly. Rotate your postings to discuss the features of a different product you resell, and benefit to your customers. Share that posting on your page. Join a number classified ad groups that will allow you share those posts with group, but avoid over posting to a single group - avoid the appearance of being a spammer. Look for other groups dealing with web design, and post to those groups if they allow it.
  • Encourage your family and friends on Facebook to Like the page.
  • Include the ability to Like that page in a widget on your Website.