How Much Do I Invest to Become a Reseller?

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How Much Do I Invest to Become a Reseller?
Technically only $99.95, but realistically a little less than $200 a year
  • It will cost you $99.95 a year to be a Basic Reseller. This covers the entire back office required to put together your store, take orders, process payments, access to your sales reports, and pay your commission. The back office all provides all of the sales and tech support to your customers. All you need to do is create an effective store using the tools given you, set your retail markup, and market your store for your customers. Your Margins are better îf you instead opt in for the Pro reseller. Link|
  • A Basic Reseller's cost for a domain name is $9.59 a year. You're going to need a domain name for customers to find you
  • Private Registration keeps your Private domain ownership Information private, through the use of a Proxy Agent. It costs you a little over $2 a year to keep your name, address, and phone number private - and well worth it.
  • While the Reseller is given a free hosting account to build their web site, I strongly suggest using the next click up from free, which (for many reasons) will have more useful, tools a resources.You cost is $3.35 a month. However, that's only my suggestion.

That's it! Under $200 a year and a little work on your part setting up your store and web site, and you're in business with all you need to sell domains, hosting and more online. There can be other expenses for marketing and business services - but it isn't a requirement - based on your goals. There are plenty of ways for no cost marketing. You don't have to create a business entity. See What should my Reseller Goals be? for more on this topic.

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