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Install and use Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver is one of the many free Web Applications that the hosting accounts you sell -- and should be using to build searchable context to link to your Reseller Store. It is easily installed with the Application Installer in your hosting Cpanel.

With Revive Adserver, you build campaigns that will use many banners rotating in a single advertising spot of a web site. One piece of code given to the site you advertise on, will rotate whatever all of the banners you want in that location the code was placed. You make any additions or changes you want in Revive Adserver, and that same code will always automatically incorporate those changes onto the site.

In the Wiki Tip Barter For Advertising, I tell you how to get advertising space on active forums (or other active sites for that matter) for under $3.50 per month per Forum. With rotating banners you can make it more effective by having a banner for each Product rotating in front of the Forum member's eyes. He not only won't see the same stale ad over and over, he'll become aware of all the different products you sell. One day he might need one, and will remember your banner.

You can double that variety of ads once again, by having a second and different Reseller Web Site linking to your [Reseller Store]]. See the Tip: One Reseller, Multiple Selling Sites.

Another feature of Revive Adserver, is that you can have multiple login accounts on the single install. The benefit to you is that maybe the web site or forum doesn't want to barter hosting for advertising, but they might want to also sell advertising to others. You can barter your advertising spot for that site's webmaster to have an account on your adserver to create and manage a campaign for another area of his site.

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