Selecting a Reseller Domain Name

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Selecting a Reseller Domain Name
Importance of Domain Name

Choosing a domain for your business would be one of the most crucial aspects of creating your hosting website. The domain name should not only be unique, catchy but it should also readily show that you provide hosting services.

That said, you should understand that choosing a domain name for a hosting business or any business for that matter is no more as easy as it used to be. The reason behind this obvious difficulty is that most of the early players in the web hosting business have already taken all the obvious and enticing domain names.

Tips for Choosing a Good Domain for Hosting Business

Mentioned below are 5 tips that can get you going when you choose a domain for your web hosting business.

  • Understanding the Domain Name: You should first fully understand what a domain name can do for your web hosting business. Through this domain name, your potential customers can find your business website, and it's as good as your online office. So, it needs to be catchy, but not too flashy. For instance, GoDaddy is an awesome example of a witty yet professional domain name.
  • Simplicity and Uniqueness: A simple and unique name is always preferred. You can take a look at the domain name of some of the biggest web hosting providers in the world and you would see how simple yet unique they have kept the name of their domains. An easier to remember domain name would also help you boost the search engine ranking of your web hosting business website, which in turn, can get you more and more customers in a relatively quick span time. For instance, JustHost is really easy to remember, and a great choice from SEO perspective too.
  • Not-so-Complex Names: Make sure the name of your business isn't very complex or long. Moreover, they should not be very similar to the words like “hosting”, “web hosting” etc; as you might want to add such words anyway to your domain name. For instance, look at InMotion Hosting, and their website - on similar lines, if you choose the name as ABC, keeping the domain name as would make perfect sense!
  • .Com Domain Extension: Well, this is subject to availability of course, but a .com extension would help your web hosting business, and protect your business identity too. In a way, it shows your dominance, though you may also consider extension for UK markets, for Indian markets, and so on... But, .com is usually the universal choice, irrespective of your demographic, and target markets.
  • Use Keywords Closely Related to “Web Hosting”: As suggested earlier, you should include a keyword related to web hosting in your domain name, but it can be a tricky affair. Make sure the keyword used is not too long as it would further make the domain name very long. If your business name is short and catch, addition of a keyword would always help but if the name is already too long, then you should refrain from adding a keyword. The concept behind adding a keyword related to web hosting is that it would help you catch more targeted eye balls on platforms like search engines, social media etc. is a fine example in this regard, and creating a domain name like won't make any sense, but probably would!