Selling Using Features and Benefits

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Selling Using Features and Benefits

The best way to market your products is to state a feature of the product, and the benefit to the customer. Look around at all of the features of your products, and think of what benefit of that feature interests you. Chances are good that they'd interest quite a few others. Then advertise these features and benefits on your Reseller Site, Reseller Facebook Page, or an Internet Forum you are active and respected in.

Just a few examples might be:

Say you like drag racing and post to a drag racing forum. Two things racers like to do is to name their car or team, and look for sponsors for money or product. So the features and benefits that might interest them would be:

  • Inexpensive domain registration
    • Reserve the domain name of your team or car, so you have a web presence to attract cash and product sponsors.
  • Inexpensive web hosting with dozens of free applications like WordPress that can be installed with a couple of clicks, by using your hosting account's Application Installer in Cpanel.
    • With an application installer you have a blogging site up and running in minutes, and can keep potential sponsors up to date with your team's success. You can give them the impression of the professional appearance they desire from those they sponsor, publicly thank sponsors (promotion) for their support and to pimp their products to others.

Say you belong to a car club, the features and benefits of interest to them might be:

  • There are a variety of free web forum application that the Application Installer can install on your web site
    • With a forum you can keep club members up to date with events, and have a place tomshare technical questions and answers on topics like repair and restoration
  • There are a number of web Classified Ad applications that are easily installed with the Application Installer.
    • Keeps the club members engaged and provides them with a mechanism to buy and sell their cars and parts.
  • There are quite a few free online photo albums that the Application Installer can quickly install.
    • Provides club members with their personal category in the album to upload photos of the car, and for the club to have a photo album category for each event.
  • 100 email accounts
    • each club member can have their own email address using the club's domain, showing club pride. IE:
  • 25 MySQL Databases
    • more than enough to install every web application you could ever use

Say you own (or work at) a business that handles service call either online or on site

  • There are quite a few free Support Ticket web applications that the Application Installer can install
    • With a support ticket application, your business can have customers submit, and you can assign, track, and keep a searchable history by customer, service tech, or problem/Solution.

These are just a few ways to use Features and their benefits to give potential customers ideas on how your products will make their lives easier, more efficient, and/or more entertaining. Think about how you can use the concept of features and benefits to sell your products.