What should my Reseller Goals be?

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What should my Reseller Goals be?

My years of managing Resellers has me lumping them into three camps.

The Web Designer
This is someone who might put together 25-30 "Quick and Dirty" WordPress sites a month for very small businesses and organizations. His customers have zero Internet Experience, but need a web presence. This Reseller really only wants to market inexpensive web sites, and îs looking for a great mark up from his customers. He might charge $500 for about five hours work, plus his retail price for Domain Registration and Hosting - which is usually a higher markup. He'll charge $19.95-$24.95 year (cost $8.25 if Pro Reseller) for the domain, $15 year for Private registration (his cost $2.05), and maybe $14.95 mo (his cost $3.15) for hosting. He's happy this extra $100 a year markup, as he gets it from each new customer, each year.
The Safe Reseller
This is most often someone who has never been in business for himself, and has too cautious a personality to want to invest a lot into the success of the business. His time and expense in the Reseller Business is minimal, and so is his profit. However, he slowly grows from the repeat business and never worries about expenses exceeding revenue as he grows.
The All In Gambler
This is someone, and often a number of people in partnership, who spend the money to go Pro right away. They incorporate, have a dedicated accounting system, and a very big advertising budget. Their plan has them building for the future of volume repeat customers (like Amazon built their business), but with the realization that there will be an initial period of time that they will invest more in marketing expenses than they'll bring in revenue - as they're building their customer base.

Each most likely have the right goals for their personality.

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