Will A Website Help My Reseller Business?

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Will A Website Help My Reseller Business?

Your Reseller store's address will be something like http://www.secureserver.net/?ci=&prog_id=southernstarhosting - which is both too complicated to remember, but also does little for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which brings you traffic. A better Solution for Southern Star Hosting was the address http://www.SouhernStarHosting.com .

Now if you're not a web designer, you can hire one to create a site for you - but this is something you can easily do yourself. The hosting accounts that you resell have an Application Installer that quickly installs dozens of popular web applications. While you can use a Portal like Joomla or Mambo, a CMS like Drupal, or a Blog like WordPress or Serendipity.

My personal preference is WordPress because of ease of learning, and the wide variety of Templates and Plugins. A couple of clicks and a WordPress application can be installed into the Public_html directory of your hosting account. A couple of hours later and you're well on your way of building context for your Reseller Site.

The more context your site has, the better chance Search Engines will drive traffic to your web site. Consider creating a page describing each of the products you resell, giving the features of the product, and the benefit of that feature to the customer. Then link the page to the product page in your Reseller Store.

Once your WordPress site îs complete, be sure to install and activate good plugins that secure the site from Hackers, and good plugins for SEO and building of search engine Sitemaps.

Another great feature of WordPress is that when updates are available, they can be performed with a single click. Keep your site secure by keeping your software current with these updates.