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Your Account Name

Let's say your name is Joe Blow, and you want your reseller business to be "White Knight Domains and Hosting".

You first inclination might be to have your account name to be "Whiteknightdomainsandhosting", and your store URL would be But what if you decided later on that a better name was Red Carpet Hosting. Changing your account name will screw up access for your older customers accessing your store.

My advice is to use more of a generic business name for your Reseller Account, maybe something like JBEnterprises. You can still brand the store as White Knight Domain and Hosting and/or later change it to Red Carpet. On your site you could brand it White Knight - and have a division of JB Enterprises in smaller letters underneath.

Further, you could later have multiple web sites selling for your store: IE:White Knight Targeting prospects Nationally - and maybe another web site called "Razorback Web Sites" (also a division of JB Enterprises) targeting your home state of Arkansas with more in local advertising.

You can technically have as many domains/web sites as you want - all linking to your single reseller store. However, don't bite off more than you can chew. My point was to make the account and store more generic, and have your "Division" web sites linking to it. It gives you more options, and allows you to appear to have more than one Reseller business - but only having you only paying for one consolidated Reseller Account.

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