Don't Be Bashful

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Don't Be Bashful

In the Tip Wikis Install and use Revive Adserver and Barter For Advertising, I give you two ideas on free and next to free advertising on the web sites and Forums of others.

However, these Webmasters aren't going to beat down your doors for it. You need to beat down theirs, and be persistent about it. Come up with a good email template to solicit them to contact you for more information on your proposal, and expect to send them quite a few over time. Think about what their objections might be, and have a good response to it. Develop good responses to objections you weren't prepared for, so you'll be prepared for it the next time.

If you can sell good advertising value to you, the customers will buy from you.

Work for it! Find the web site you want your advertisements on, and start twisting arms.

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