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Welcome to the Reseller Wiki
Old Hippie Domains Web Site
The Mission
The mission of the Reseller Wiki is to help the Old Hippie Domain' Reseller earn the highest possible profit, through proven procedures used by Top Resellers of Internet Domains and Hosting. This will be accomplished by categorizing this knowledge into categories like FAQs, Tips, Advertising, Terminology, etc.
Why take the time to create and update this Reseller Wiki?
Capitalism! My success is totally dependant on my reseller's success. The more you earn, the more I earn. Like you, I want to earn a lot. As such I will help you with every bit of advice I can - to help you help us both. The rest is up to you. This is your chance to start your own part time business for less than $200 - and through your entrepreneurial intelligence and drive have a great chance at earning high income. Use my advice, and you will earn more.
That said
Personalities are very different from one person to another. What may work for me, may not work as well for you because of our personalities. I offer my observations on no only what has worked for me, but also strategies and ideas I've observed having worked for others. It is the job of you, the of the entrepreneurial Reseller, to objectively digest the information I've presented and to make your best educated guess on what fits his personality, and what won't.

Below are three lists of Wikis by their category.

This site is a work in progress. Old Hippie Domain Resellers are encouraged to check back frequently for newly posted information.